Partage Montréal Season 3 Private Sale

Season 3 Blind Subscription: Private Sale
from 380.00

The Partage Montreal Season 3 Collection will be curated by Susannah Wesley.

Season 3 will be priced higher than previous seasons, and, because you are already members of the Partage Montreal Community, we want to extend to you this special perk: if you buy now, you can lock in Season 2 pricing (380$CAD) for Season 3!


Each season, a limited number of subscriptions will be made available (for Season 3, we’re making 30 subscriptions available) for a unique collection of six works of art.  The art will be specifically commissioned for Partage Montréal subscribers and will all be limited editions.  Subscription price will be set each Season, and for Season 3 is set at $TBD/subscription.  Subscribers will be invited to pick up party to receive their artworks.  Pick-up Party and dates and location will be listed and updated on our activities page.

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